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Democracy and Education

By: John Dewey

...on congenital stupidity to our forerunners and by assuming superior native intelligence on our own part. But the ex- planation is that their modes of ... ...al spe- cialized ability in algebra, Latin, or botany, but not the kind of intelligence which directs ability to useful ends. Only by engaging in a jo... ...e into ways of action to which we are enslaved just in the degree in which intelligence is disconnected from them. Routine habits are unthinking habit... ...ly spoken of, is not to be found by substituting a doctrine of specialized disciplines, but by reforming the notion of mind and its training. Discover... ...ion of meaning. Set going under adequate condi- tions they are magnets for gathering and retaining an indefinitely wide scope of intellectual consider... ... of values, and that the curricu- lum should, therefore, be constituted by gathering to- gether various studies till a sufficient variety of indepen- ... ..., but at cross-fertilizing both the natural sciences and the various human disciplines such as his- tory, literature, economics, and politics. Pedagog...

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