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By: Sam Vaknin

...which causes behaviour patterns to suddenly emerged in whole populations. Physicists talked about sudden "phase transitions", the emergent results of... ...the e-book retains one innovation of the parchment - the hypertext. Early Jewish and Christian texts (as well as Roman legal scholarship) was writte... ... interpretations (exegesis) offered by scholars throughout generations of Jewish learning. Another distinguishing feature of books is portability... ... grand and welcome undertaking. Another sorely needed contribution is the Jewish Encyclopedia online. The only other project of this scope, the Ency... ...operating system later than Windows ME. Exactly like the Britannica, the Jewish Encyclopedia was compiled at the turn of the previous century and, ... ...s any coverage of the important events that took place in the life of the Jewish people - from the Holocaust to the State of Israel. But, with 4000 ...

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