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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...dead evil Pg 1766 How the Undead Fool the Living Pg 1767 The Undead and the Jewish Religion Pg 1767 Flies on the Wall Pg 1768 Ritual Sacrifice ... ...ne: The Universe 112 makes you smarter than all the Cosmologists and Astro-physicists. The mystery of the Big Bang has now been solved. Now you... ...to be practiced, their cultures were poisoned, twisted, etc. One reason why Jewish Culture has survived intact for so long is that it has had more ... ...their cultural differences became too noticed… once other people read what the Jewish religion was… an elite culture that placed all other cultures b... ...severely punished, shamed, killed, or ostracized. However, what happens to Jewish culture once it is no longer a persecuted slave-culture but an e... ... yourself against, so that your greater cultural people may live… becomes a Jewish comedian instead… and practices the art of self- degradation in ... ...al auras of these King-Gods raged just like the now-visible aura of the Sun? Physicists who study the Sun, do not study paranormal phenomenon like ...

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