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Kabbalah for the Student

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...T ranslator’s note: A Shofar is a ram’s horn, used on festive occasions in Jewish holidays. 1 5 4 K a b b a l a h f o r T h e s T ... ...f ThE World This is why it is written that each of the nations will hold a Jewish man and lead him to the Holy Land. And it was not enough that they ... ...ansformation of the form, losing nothing of its essence along its way, as physicists have shown. And now we come to clarify the phrase: “All is in de... ...st be present, and then it is possible to say Kedusha (specific part of a Jewish prayer) at the service. The Holy Zohar says about it: “Wherever ther... ... must dedicate a portion of one or two hours a day to study the Halachah (Jewish code of laws), and explain and interpret the questions in the liter... ...e.” Now we can understand the conduct of discriminating between Halachah (Jewish law) and Agadah (legends). This is because only in Halachot (plural ...

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