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The Hitler File : A Novel of Fact

By: Sam Vaknin

...sthumously, he didn’t. Not 16 years after he died in Berlin.” Prologue “Pol und Jude” Political and a Jew. It’s around 4 o’clock in the mor... ...de of my shirt – a yellow square and a red triangle perched beneath it. “Pol und Jude” – says one of them. The voice of his younger but evidently ... ...d and proper. But under the circumstances that would probably have been against the law. This obsolete piece of magnetic media was different. Fra... ...expounded Dan patiently – “There’s something on this disk that’s worth breaking the law for. Something on it makes people risk life and limb and ass... ...assorted documents in the file. One of them seems to catch his eye. “You studied Law in Berlin in 1929?” “Yes, Herr Reichsfuehrer, I did.” H... ... “Not one iota. Graz expelled all its Jews in the 15 th century and had remained Judenrein – cleansed of Jews – until the 1860s. There is no recor... ...o it that the nation itself does not stray from the straight and narrow path of the law.’ Throughout the last four months of 1935, Hitler was obsess... ... father gave them to me on my thirteenth birthday. When I moved to Berlin to study Law, I brought them with me.” “What made you give them to Arlo...

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