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Sartor Resartus the Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdr Ockh

By: Thomas Carlyle

...an eye witness of distant transactions and scenes, they called him the Ewige Jude, Everlasting, or as we say, Wandering Jew. REMINISCENCES 13 To the ... ...sopher explain, not why I wear such and such a Garment, obey such and such a Law; but even why I am here, to wear and obey anything!— Much, therefore,... ...rs, has become obsolete, and were now a foreigner to his Europe. Thus is the Law of Progress secured; and in Clothes, as in all other external things ... ...t he too a Defender of Property, and Sovereign armed with the terrors of the Law?), to a certain royal Immunity and Inviolability; which, however, mis... ...twagen could be other than some terrestrial Moon, rising and setting by mere Law of Nature, like the heavenly one; that it came on made highways, from... ...though in dreary enough humor, to be addressing himself to the Profession of Law;— whereof, indeed, the world has since seen him a public graduate. Bu... ...usic of Wisdom, succeeded in civilizing Man? Our highest Or pheus walked in Judea, eighteen hundred years ago: his sphere melody, flowing in wild nati...

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