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Facts and Fictions in the Securities Industry

By: Sam Vaknin

... of such arrears and overdue payments. 5. To collaborate with legal institutions, law enforcement agencies and private collection firms in assuri... ...e to the authorities - the tax administration, bank supervision, deposit insurance, law enforcement agencies, and securities and exchange commissio... .... Its board of directors has full authority to run the agency. The board obeys the law, not political masters. The FDIC has a preemptive role. It r... ...n supervising savings and loans. OTS is a unit within the Treasury Department, but law and custom make it practically an independent agency. The F... ... declined by nearly 10 percent, even though the wages of individual workers rose." Jude Waninski adds in his tome "The Way the World Works" that "b... ...f average dividend growth plausibly lie behind the major swings of this century." Jude Waninski attributes the crash to the disintegration of the ... ...t to jail." Q. The SEC is often accused of lax and intermittent enforcement of the law. Is the problem with the enforcement division - or with the...

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