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Bozo and the Storyteller

By: Matt Jones

...narrative like a collective dream. The Hoomans believe the weather to be a matter of chance, a science of equations and circumstance with the odds he... ...ailed in the wind. A f ash from the battle far above revealed a sign: ‘St Jude’s Children’s Hospital’. Before he had time to think about that, howeve... ...he was wearing when they found him. He had become the Mystery Child of St Jude’s Hospital. His photo had made the front page of half the major newsp... ...e bed and Theo scooped up the blankets from the f oor and dived on to the mattress. At the same moment Sandra entered the room with a candle in her ... ... Theo, he said to himself. You may have amnesia but you’re not crazy – no matter what the doctors think. He breathed a sigh of relief. It was good t... ... remind you that we are, after all, in the 21 st century, and here at St Jude’s we are at the cut- ting edge of technology and innovative treatment.... ...leep as soon as it got dark outside. He protested feebly but her word was law and he found himself sinking into sleep early with a rather fed up exp... ...ller glanced back at the house that was now crawling with off cers of the law, and unrolled the carpet she’d been carrying with a f ourish. ‘Come on... ...of ten miles. All in complete darkness. Still, with no passport and every law-enforcement agency in the world on the lookout for him, this was proba...

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