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The Divine Comedy of Dante

By: H. F. Cary

...Thou shalt be left: for that Almighty King, Who reigns above, a rebel to his law, Adjudges me, and therefore hath decreed, That to his city none throu... ...the heart Denying and blaspheming his high power, And nature with her kindly law contemning. And thence the inmost round marks with its seal Sodom and... ...e Divine Comedy of Dante Hell 54 From forth the west, a shepherd without law, Fated to cover both his form and mine. He a new Jason shall be call’... ...Parted, alas! I carry from its source, That in this trunk inhabits. Thus the law Of retribution fiercely works in me.” CANTO XXIX So were mine eyes in... ...so liv’d. Thy feet are planted on the smallest sphere, Whose other aspect is Judecca. Morn Here rises, when there evening sets: and he, Whose shaggy ... ... she bear.” He died in 1281. v. 86. From forth the west, a shepherd without law.] Bertrand de Got Archbishop of Bordeaux, who succeeded to the pontif... ...llo expressly call them the authors of the epistles, James, Peter, John and Jude. v. 140. One single old man.] As some say, St. John, under his ch...

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