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The Divine Comedy of Dante

By: Alighieri, Dante, 1265-1321

...t beyond the’ accursed stream she dwells, She may no longer move me, by that law, Which was ordain’d me, when I issued thence. Not so, if Dame from he... ...one hand a couch, with frequent sighs. They are the father and the father in law Of Gallia’s bane: his vicious life they know And foul; thence comes t... ... no guide Recall, no rein direct her wand’ring course. Hence it behov’d, the law should be a curb; A sovereign hence behov’d, whose piercing view Migh... ...e burning by their shame. Our sinning was Hermaphrodite: but we, Because the law of human kind we broke, Following like beasts our vile concupiscence,... ...with the spiritual power in his person, to an unclean beast in the levitical law. “The camel, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof, ... ...llo expressly call them the authors of the epistles, James, Peter, John and Jude. The Divine Comedy of Dante Purgatory 119 v. 140. One single ol...

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