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I'Ll Do Anything

By: Chrystal Kincaid

...of electricity between Julia and Cade should have been enough to send their equipment into spasms. Cade’s deep blue eyes grazed over her body befor... ...lia sighed, his retreating image still burned on her mind. If there were a law against sex appeal, Cade would be a convicted felon. She snorted in... ...sted of approximately a dozen attorneys and their secretaries, copy clerks, law clerks, paralegals and administration. Unobtrusive by ’big city’ st... ...ittle under the penetrating gaze. “When I quit ball in college and went pre-law, he was frustrated. We spent a lot of time together perfecting my f... ...on Turner. Sources confirm Mrs. Turner was taken into custody by local law enforcement under suspicion that drugs or alcohol played a part in this ...

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