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A History of U. S. Communications Security (Volumes I and Ii);1973

By: David G. Boak

....O. 12958, as amended, allows for the protection afforded to information under the provisions of law. Therefore, the names of NSA/CSS employees and in... ...reveal NSA/CSS functions and activities have been protected in accordance with Section 6, Public Law 86-36 (50 U.S. Code 402 note . Since your request... ... the abeDpta and weaknesses ofselected manualsystems, electro-mechaDica1 aDd electronic Cl')'Pio-equipmenta•. ~ =:::;; t-.:or-.- ---=..;: === - =---=:... ...COMSEC resources are far from infinite; not only are there constraints on the money, people: and equipment we can apply but also--as you will see late... ... _- : . ORIGINAL 57 SE\-E.'iTH LECTURE: Ciphony Equipmeataad Other Spedalized Systems Ciphon.,\· Equipment.-You have already had a ple\iew of lOme of ... ...mne. and this meant that any time one placed that handset remote from the machine. the user. by "law" had to be reo stricted to conversations no highe... ...ation. 1bere is a justifiable disillusion with our "doctrinal" and "procedural" remedies because enforcement is diJlicult, they are easy to circumvent...

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