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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...sponsibility Pg 287 Freedom and Irresponsibility Pg 288 Ownership Pg 290 Law Pg 291 War Pg 296 Conclusion Chapter Six ‘A’: Civilization ... ...lation: Antagonism and Competition Pg 366 Sports Pg 401 Happiness Pg 402 Law Pg 413 Logic and Legality Pg 420 Science and Balance Pg 4... ...in a strict sequence. Cause and Effect can also be defined by Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states: “For every action: there is an equal and o... ...an clearly be seen using the naked eye without any expensive fancy scientific equipment. Anyone can do it and see with their own eyes how light beh... ... imposed forcefully from the outside. The reason for any compulsory external enforcement of conformity is based upon power, authority, and fear. R... ...s a product of fear or hate: it becomes destructive and evil. This compulsory enforcement corrupted the basic cooperative dynamic of the band. ... ...is stolen back… it works. Same field same rules same goal same goalie, same equipment, same ball… hmmm. Same strategy also. And same requirement... ...it. The abstract development of Law merely became a codified system for this enforcement. As a part of the hierarchical nature of civilization, it ... ...ster after disaster… As the living plants destroyed all of their high-priced equipment. Sound a little like all of the history of civilized human...

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