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Empire and Wars

By: Sam Vaknin

... abuses - the international system for its own, ever changing, ends. International law is invoked by it when convenient - ignored when importune. ... ...it when convenient - ignored when importune. In short, America is a bully. It is a law unto itself and it legislates on the fly, twisting arms and ... ...ared to Scandinavia's 0.6%, for instance). This upright proponent of international law (under whose aegis it bombed and invaded half a dozen countr... ...bs were not interested in liberating Afghanistan as much as in hiding from the law enforcement agencies of their own countries, most of all Egypt's... ...ia exported c. $5 billion of military hardware and another $2.6 billion in nuclear equipment and expertise last year, mostly to India and China - t... ...aq refuses to collaborate with UN authorities to release from its warehouses heavy equipment destined for the Kurdish parts, reports Radio Free Eur... ...atic Alliance. The Ukrainian UNIAN news agency reported the purchase of technical equipment by Baghdad even as the "Financial Times" aired the all...

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