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Information Technology Tales

By: Brad Bradford

...he evolution of English. The Treasure of Our Tongue nourishes the rise of democracies. 13. He Unchained Books The German goldsmith’s invention fr... ...who emphasized science and dialectical logic. In York, the monk Alcuin‘s liberal arts and sciences (LAS) school had become widely recognized for it... ... excellence. Together, the trivium and the quadrivium comprised its seven liberal arts. Preparatory work, the trivium’s language arts included the s... ...being illiterate—or maybe because of it—Charlemagne was a champion of the liberal arts and sciences, even though he may have been too old to advance ... ...ms. Possibly even more significant was the rapid increase in the number of liberal arts colleges throughout the world. Many historians title this pe... ... led him to write his epitaph focused on his trade. Printers Spur Rise of Democracies 18 Printers’ roles in the rise of democracies were so manifol... ...couraged the sharing of knowledge in a manner conducive to the success of democracies. The Treasure of Our Tongue drizzled mists of free speech and ...

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