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An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

By: Adam Smith

...eavour to shew hereafter, is very different upon different occasions; more liberal in a society advancing to opulence, than in one that is standing st... ...n by the different state of those countries. 66 The Wealth of Nations The liberal reward of labour, therefore, as it is the necessary effect, so it i... ...g a great part of the children which their fruitful marriages produce. The liberal reward of labour, by enabling them to provide better for their chil... ..., and Philadelphia, where the wages of common labour are so very high. The liberal reward of labour, therefore, as it is the effect of in- creasing we... ...ders of the society; the stationary is dull; the declining melancholy. The liberal reward of labour, as it encourages the propagation, so it increases... ...cted with all the thoughtless 670 The Wealth of Nations extravagance that democracies are apt to fall into, could be safely trusted with the manageme... ...om those rancourous and virulent factions which are inseparable from small democracies, and which have so fre- quently divided the affections of their...

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