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The Suffering of Being Kafka

By: Sam Vaknin

...ld say, secure in the knowledge that he would always be there, erect and gracious. Like two forces of nature, my grandpa and the concrete post – old... ...gainst the weary staff. As autumn night is pierced by moonlight, the practiced smiles are lifted, wiped is the feigned civility of all involved. Pl... ...ked reserve and falters towards his table. I bide the time to his return, eyes glazed, lips forced into a tortuous smile. "It's over" – he mumbles ... ... points with myself: is mass slaughter ample reason for being tardy or merely an excuse? No force is more majeure that prison guards. I smile at tha... ...e a senescent smile and nods in frailty. He grasps it all, too much. Shortly, I may have to lift him in my arms and set him on the couch. We are not... ...Dinah!" Dinah's face alight, attainted red. It has been a long time since she was wooed so forcefully. Janusz, consumed by twilight, bellowing igno... ... and receding bus. My aunt, contemplating the waning transport, grabbed my sweaty palm and lifted the rustling shopping bags. A whiskered driver of... ... tricky. The medics rolled it down the claustrophobic and penumbral staircase (there was no lift). His ink-tainted right hand kept striking the peel... ...my words. So I decided to keep quiet. Tell her all that for me, will you?" I nodded and he lifted himself from the crumbling armchair, hugging my s...

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