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The Hitler File : A Novel of Fact

By: Sam Vaknin

...“I don’t understand” – I said and his head jerked up, his face a hostile mask. I forced myself to proceed: “Yesterday you told me that Russia w... ...Precisely!” – he bellowed triumphantly – “The Jews betrayed their own! This is what forced us to adopt desperate measures in the East! The Jews them... ...gave him the documents.” “That’s better” – sighs Himmler – “I hate it when people force us to behave in manifestly un-Germanic and uncivilized way... ... “Can I ask you some questions and can you try to answer them in a way that won’t force me to ask them all over again?” She giggled girlishly: ... ...an Chamber of Commerce and saying that Jews were safe in Germany. Even Goering was forced to apologize to German Jewish organizations for the truly... ...ver heard my name uttered so many times in one day and in so many different ways. I lifted my eyes and met a pair of insectoid sunglasses, perched u... ...d. “I answered that already!” – I protested feebly and waited for the red fog to lift. “Are you Israel Sarid Roth?” “I am.” – I confirmed fo... ... a looker?” “I may be in love with her” – I responded tentatively. Dan didn’t lift a brow. “I guessed as much.” – he said – “When you told h... ...Put this over your eyes.” A blindfold. I hear shuffling feet and two sturdy hands lift me from the bunk by my armpits and drag me a along an uneve...

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