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Poems by Currer, Ellis, And Acton Bell (Charlotte, Emily, And Anne Bront‰)

By: Acton Bell

... a faltering, an uncertain tread, That might stir up reprisal in the dead. Forced to sit by his side and see his deeds; Forced to behold that visage, ... ...le grey; Scarcely one little red rose springing Through the green moss can force its way. Unscared, the daw and starling nestle, Where the tall turret... ... Was in her words displayed: She still began with quiet sense, But oft the force of eloquence Came to her lips in aid; Language and voice unconscious ... ...And lopped his desperate days. You know the spot, where three black trees, Lift up their branches fell, And moaning, ceaseless as the seas, Still seem... ... 26 Poems by Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë T ells me I yet have innate force; My track of life has been too narrow, Effort shall trace a broader c... ...ries up the garden alley, In strangely sudden haste. With shaking hand, he lifts the latchet, Steps o’er the threshold stone; The heavy door slips fro... ...Gilbert to his heart will strain His wife and children soon. The hand that lifts the latchet, holds A candle to his sight, And Gilbert, on the step, b... ... veil will spread Over their brows and filmy eyes, And earthward crush the lifted head That would look up and seek the skies; 55 Poems by Charlotte, ... ...d to plant the gospel vine, Where tyrants rule and slaves repine; Eager to lift Religion’s light Where thickest shades of mental night Screen the fals...

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