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Laws of Destiny Never Disappear : Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World

By: Matti Sarmela

...nvironment 94 * Phii and souls of the kinship group 96 * Supernatural forces in nature 98 Between two worlds 99 Village sorcerers 99 * Mediu... ...and in international competition, national economies have been continually forced to grow and centralize; the basic technological and cultural model o... ..., have witnessed the greatest structural change of mankind. They have been forced to destroy the culture in which they grew up. The people of this boo... ... there is no free pastureland. Everywhere is under some crop and so one is forced to search for and cut grass for the buffalo. Finally, you tire of it... ...om modern development is necessary, as only technological development will lift villages from poverty and backwardness.Agricultural modernization has ... ... robes or towels, for all monks that are present. After that the coffin is lifted on the pyre and the relatives walk around the coffin three times. I ... ...fron robe. Then the body is taken to the cremation place and the coffin is lifted on top of the wood and kindling. The timber is sprinkled with some k... ...the day of the cremation, on arrival at the cremation place, the coffin is lifted into the chapel there and a revered man of the family places the rob... ...ers in Pali. Someone reads an obituary of the deceased. Then the coffin is lifted onto the pyre and after the cremation the funeral is over. It's inte...

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