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In the Eye of the Beholder

By: By Sharon E. Cathcart

... he smelled of sandalwood. He lifted the saddle flaps, undid the girth, and started in anger. There was a short nail driven through the saddle flap,... ...st with the beautiful voice teasing my dreams. 11 Chapter 4 I woke the next morning to find another ribbon-wrapped rose on the night stand next to my... ...his tone. “One day, there was a fire in the barn. I still don’t know how it started. Philippe was visiting and we were having tea. I heard the ala... ...ippe was visiting and we were having tea. I heard the alarm bell sound and started up quickly. I saw the smoke, and ran outside toward the barn, b... ...hlessly as he reached for her head collar. At that moment, I struck with my weapon of choice and did not let go until Giraud had breathed his last. ... ...tell you, though, that when he is in this mood he will write his music from morning until night, barely pausing to eat or sleep. You may not see as... ...r 16 From the pages of Erik’s journal: I left her with great reluctance that morning, before sunrise. Yet, we both knew it must be so. I returned... ...losed since no real cause of death could be determined. I had known Erik’s weapon was effective, but had no idea up until then just how skilled he ...

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