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The Hitler File : A Novel of Fact

By: Sam Vaknin

... Prologue “Pol und Jude” Political and a Jew. It’s around 4 o’clock in the morning. I am not sure of the date. The days all look the same, ... ...ally, I am the last in the row of ten, not an auspicious place. They count us every morning when we depart, assigned to work details, and every even... ...in every row attract attention. Attention here means pain and, often, death. This morning’s roll call is mercifully brief, the foul mist and drizzl... ...d, we sure could use the money.” He weighed his own arguments. I got up. When Bauer started to debate with himself, the meeting was over. Only ... ...spicious. ****** That evening, safely ensconced in a faded leather armchair, I started taking stock of the cataract of paper that constituted F... ... and brought to cruel light many things I had conveniently forgotten I possessed. I stared around in disbelief and budding outrage and then I crumbl... ...es. But they were also involved in money counterfeiting, stolen art dealing, drugs, weapons, and other illicit activities. The received opinion is t... ...war in Europe. We could not allow the Soviets to lay their hands on advanced German weapons technologies and intelligence assets.” He pondered so... ...tely lost control over them. When we tried to dismantle the operations and reclaim weapons caches, they went underground and bombed airplanes to te...

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