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The Ulysseans

By: Antonio Mercurio

...an group, through years of work, the same processes that come about when a star is born: condensation, collapse, thermonuclear reactions and the tran... ... production of atomic energy as a final result. The goal of building this star in a human laboratory of Sophia-Analysis is to create a continual tr... ...h and those who embody it, just as what happens, for example, between rock stars and their fans. 15 An artist is someone who makes the impossible... ...at the moment we are nearing sunset, so we cannot see the sun. If it were morning, who would it depend on to let the sun into this room or to not le... ... I have very much admired the comments you made yesterday evening and this morning, both in the small groups and in the big one. Allow me, after hav... ...is actions. He took the concept of forgiveness from Christ but he gave the weapons of nonviolence to an entire populace so they could obtain dignity... ...ssess primary beauty, such as Helen, or artistic beauty, such as Achilles’ weapons, or military glory and conquer Troy, or divine beauty, such as th...

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