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Hypotheses on Ulysses

By: Antonio Mercurio

...ons. The first is, when does the voyage of the light that departs from a star end? Can there be a return to the point of departure if the star th... ...’s poem. When Homer speaks of Helen’s beauty, of the beauty of Achilles’ weapons forged by Hephaestus, of Aphrodite’s beauty who betrays her lame ... ...beauty, contrary to the first Homer, who in the Iliad honors the beauty of weapons and of glorious death in battle. Homer is also saying, betwee... ..., with his hiccoughs, astutely makes Demodocus stop singing and he himself starts telling his own tormented story. His storytelling abilities are so... ...istically, are necessary. A similar process happens in the Cosmos when a star is created. First, there is a dark cloud, and then this cloud conden... ... there is beauty in our lives with cunning and deceit, nor with the use of weapons. Ulysses understood this when he proposed to make the pact and,... ...here he immediately falls to earth and goes to sleep. He wakes up the next morning, while not far from him Nausicaa’s servants play happily after ha...

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