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Love at First Stake

By: J. Morgan

...arshall.” I paused. “So, what’s yours?” “Donatello Demarcus Ravell at your service. I would bow but find myself unable to bend due to the fact I ... ... a chance of that happening now. Reminder to self, order next month’s supply online. “No, but he was in contact with the owner of this…” Donnie’s e... ... Should we go one step further and begin recruiting future Slayers from the online gaming community? Perhaps while we’re at it, we can put flashy p... ...igion. Glancing skyward, I hoped the Big Guy would forgive me for missing a service or twelve over the years. A bank of clouds moved eastward, shed... ...home-made sin I would’ve been upset. As it was, now I had an excuse to shop online, not that I’d let freaky vamp know that. “No, it’s a wake-up c... ...ell, yeah, having unbridled sweaty monkey love came first, but when you were dating a Vampire, you settled for what you could get during the day, and...

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