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Terrorists and Freedom Fighters

By: Sam Vaknin

...o so, the Turks disembowelled him to death and decapitated the writhing rump. The Ottomans granted independence to Bulgaria in the 1878 Treaty of ... ...gn powers in foreign-run and owned schools. Then they set about a typical infandous Ottoman orgy of shredded entrails, gang raped corpses of young g... ...ants. Further confusion awaited. In 1897, following the Crete uprising against the Ottoman rule and in favour of Greek enosis (unification), Turkey... ...posed to these atrocities, the more one is prone to subscribe to the view that the Ottoman Empire - its halting and half hearted efforts at reform ... ...... Resen (Resana). Let it be clear: this author harbours no sympathy towards the Ottoman Empire. The IMRO was fighting for lofty ideals (Balkania... ... June 1903 by disgruntled officers in their own palace and that was the end of one dynasty (the Obrenovic's) and the beginning of another (the Kara...

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