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The Varieties of Religious Experience

By: William James

...emn emo- tion— Its ability to overcome unhappiness— Need of such a faculty from the biological point of view. LECTURE III THE REALITY OF THE UNSEEN Pe... ...logy— Does transcendental idealism fare better? Its principles— Quotations from John Caird— They are good as restatements of religious experience, but... ...arned au- dience. To us Americans, the experience of receiving instruction from the living voice, as well as from the books, of European scholars, is ... ...catory words. Let me say only this, that now that the current, here and at Aberdeen, has begun to run from west to east, I hope it may continue to do ... ...nging places with Scotsmen lecturing in the United States; I hope that our people may become in all these higher mat- ters even as one people; and tha... ...f lowly origin be asserted is seen in those comments which unsenti- mental people so often pass on their more sentimen- 19 William James tal acquaint... ...ing persons whose states of mind we regard as overstrained. But when other people criticize our own more exalted soul-flights by calling them ‘nothing... ...85; in his Conception of God, New York and London, 1897; and lately in his Aberdeen Gifford Lectures, The World and the Individual, 2 vols., New York ...

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