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Preface to Androcles and the Lion: On the Prospects of Christianity

By: George Bernard Shaw

...here have been one or two grotesque attempts at it by in- 8 Shaw adequate people, such as the Kingdom of God in Munster, which was ended by crucifixi... ...p who took the part of Annas went home and died of horror. But responsible people have never made such attempts. The moneyed, respectable, capable wor... ...hy with vagabonds and talkers who try to reform society by taking men away from their regular productive work and making vagabonds and talkers of them... ...acks on the existing social order, however corrupt that order might be, by people with no knowledge of government and no power to construct political ... ... his belief in many things, true and false, that in no way distinguish him from other Syrians of that time. But such common beliefs do not constitute ... ...p, or believing that the earth is flat and that the stars could drop on it from heaven like hailstones. Chris- tianity interests practical statesmen n... ...aul and Calvin. Imagine the effect of trying to govern India or Egypt from Belfast or from the Vatican! The position is perhaps graver for France than...

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