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A Courageous Battle

By: Susan Bracken

...gotta go, worm?” Tears forming, she tried to push past him as she felt the hot liquid trickle in her pants. She hung her head and forced her way into ... ...” Roger hissed, and she scuttled back to her house, tears falling again on hot, red cheeks. Numb with self-loathing, she took her books up to her bed ... ...concentration. Lacey’s father was a salesman whose territory took him away from home most days of the week. On weekends he went shopping for food and ... ...ornful name-calling. She rejoiced every June when summer offered a respite from the bullying. Lacey spent entire days sprawled on her bed engrossed in... ...ats. They sat in the car and watched kids climbing on the monkey bars, and people lined up to buy ice cream. “Hey,” Lacey said. “I just thought of som... ...oo. I was scared of advertising it for sale because I did not want strange people coming to the house. Now I will not have to worry. Will you take me ... ... went up the Queensland coast by bus to Cairns and then back down to Alice Springs. I bussed and hiked into New South Wales where there are almost no ... ... sitting next to Jana said their names were Margaret and Jean. “We’re from Arkansas. I guess it’s cold in Canada now.” “Yes,” answered Jana, trying to...

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