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Tokyo to Tijuana: Gabriele Departing America

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...on ceremonies or reading their mandates became irrelevant. Yang Lin, parting from their movement toward the steps that led toward the Royal Museum, be... ...tely something that was not wanted. It stayed with him on the bus. On a ride from the Nambu Bus Terminal to Chongju, Sang Huin's sleep was spastic lik... ...voice cried out to him like locusts from the branches of trees. There was a hot sticky childish oozing within him. Within dreams his fortitude was li... ...ephone clicked off. Sang Huin felt hurt. He felt a morbid clarity behind how people always left his life. He thought about what he "knew" of this Chin... ...ing only in personal interactions? Was he nothing but the composite of other people's impressions of him? These impressions--these judgments-- could n... ... to compare others with. In Japan women who left their children locked up in hot cars were rarely accused of the crime of manslaughter; and in Korea t... ...tloaves, potatoes, and onion rings; bi bi bop and kimchi chige; that trip to Arkansas at a distant relative's house and how he and his sister had play... ... by the most winding and treacherous roads until they were at last in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. On the third day of Christmas he gave to her the rever... ...day it was Christmas and so they decided to travel around the area of Eureka Springs. They drove up and down the niveous and tortuous hills in and ou...

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