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Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant

By: Ulysses S. Grant

...thing for publication. At the age of nearly sixty-two I received an injury from a fall, which confined me closely to the house while it did not appare... ...he aid of my eldest son, F . D. Grant, assisted by his brothers, to verify from the records every statement of fact given. The comments are my own, an... ...and but few east; and above all, there were no reporters prying into other people’s private affairs. Consequently it did not become generally known th... ...s in imitation of mine. The joke was a huge one in the mind of many of the people, and was much enjoyed by them; but I did not appreciate it so highly... ...dy, pine ridge, with spring branches in the valley, in front and rear. The springs furnished an abundance of cool, pure water, and the ridge was above... ...s seized and held by the teamsters while the blacksmith put upon him, with hot irons, the initials “U. S.” Ropes were then put about the neck, with a ... ... in mass. On the 19th General Taylor, with is army, was encamped at Walnut Springs, within three miles of Monterey. The town is on a small stream comi... ... him- self into the oven; a blanket would be thrown over the open end, and hot stones put into the water until the patient could stand it no longer. H... ...ad no fixed place for even nominal headquarters. He was as much at home in Arkansas as he was in Missouri and would keep out of the way of a superior ...

Excerpt: Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant by U.S. Grant.

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