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Trendsiters Digital Content and Web Technologies

By: Sam Vaknin

... ISBN: 9989-929-23-8 Created by:LIDIJA RANGELOVSKA REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Additional articles about Digital Content on the Web: ht... ... This letter constitutes a permission to reprint or mirror any and all of the materials mentioned or linked to herein subject to appropriate cred... ...ant gratification. It has delivered only partially. Preprints of academic papers are often placed online by their eager authors and subjected to pee... ...iteracy and numeracy, live interest in information and its various uses (scientific, commercial, other), a lot of resources (free time, money to inv... ...iscovering the immense pools of skills, talent, innovation, and top notch scientific and other education often offered even by the poorest of nation... ...uality and specifications of a product (think McDonald's hamburgers), its performance (think Palm), level of service and commitment to customer care ... ...om content. • Track record (how veteran is the merchant, past financial performance, credit history, brand name recognition, lists of customers, e... ... Search engines already incorporate crude measures of credibility in their rankings (e.g., the number of links from external Web sites). But, to rema... ...making it, in effect, one of the biggest libraries on earth) and its site ranking (by popularity and links-over) have rendered it unbeatable. Yet, it...

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