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Heroes of Unknown Seas and Savage Lands

By: J. W. Buel

...he Wild Races of the World; FOLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS OF ADVANCING CIVILIZATION FROM THE CAVES OF BARBARISM AND THE CRUDE CORACLE TO THE CHRISTIANIZI... ... priest -- Collection of Peter's pence in the New World -- Crusader volunteers from America -- Interruption of communication -- Disappearance of the N... ...s of a new world -- Interview with a King in America -- Description of the new country -- Intercourse between Greenland and America -- Captured and ea... ... CHAPTER IV. Early Navigators and Examples of their monster Vessel. -- A view from the plateau of the nineteenth century -- Passage of the Atlantic b... ...ore the time of Columbus -- Noah's Ark compared with modern vessels -- Egypt a country of marvels -- A great naval battle 1250 B.C. -- The monstrous s... ...ctible cloth of Salamander skin -- Story of a wonderful handkerchief -- In the country of Prester John -- Defection from Umcan -- Founding a new natio... ...t known and most poetical of all the nautical legends. Novelists have used it, poets have embellished it, dramatists have put it on the boards with al... ...eft Terra del Fuego, and continuing eastward, passed Falkland islands, isle of Georgia, and several others at which he called, so that it was not unti...

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