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The Silver Lining: Moral Deliberations in Modern Cinema

By: Sam Vaknin, Ph. D.

...e lower classes and decks. Was this a morally right decision? For sure, it was not politically correct, in today's terms. Class and money distincti... ...Laws. The next article in this series analyses the Laws from a few vantage points: philosophy, artificial intelligence and some systems theories. ... ... impolite, or psychologically abusive? Or offending religious sensitivities, being politically incorrect - are these injuries? The bulk of human (a... ...eases and famine. The politicization of environmental concerns runs the gamut from political activism to eco-terrorism. The environmental movement ... ...mental organizations are out to perpetuate themselves, fight heresy and accumulate political clout and the money and perks that come with it. They ... ...asured'. Social scientists started quantitative measurement 30 years ago, and even political science turned to hard numbers 15 years ago. Yet look ... ...concept of observer is disputable – as modern physics, on the one hand and Eastern philosophy, on the other hand, have shown. Imagine that a mad ... ...t the mind itself. Intersubjectivity is defined thus by "The Oxford Companion to Philosophy"(1995): "(Intersubjectivity) refers to the status of ... ...lusory manifestations of an underlying and more fundamental whole. Yet, as Eastern philosophy and modern physics tell us our separateness may indee...

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