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The Future of the Internet : And How to Stop It

By: Jonathan Zittrain

...chnology and, to some degree, draws upon their mean- ings. The Free Software Philosophy The normative ideals of the free software movement and the des... ...criptive attri- butes of generativity have much in common. According to this philosophy, any software functionality enjoyed by one person should be un... ...person should be understandable and modifiable by everyone. The free software philosophy emphasizes the value of sharing not only a tool’s functionalit... ...d and deployed. In addi- tion, much of that software is geared toward making political and artistic ex- pression easier. Yochai Benkler has examined t... ...of cultural participation offered by the Internet through the lens of liberal political theory: The networked information economy makes it possible to ... ...nd discourse. It affects the way we, as individuals and members of social and political clusters, inter- act with culture, and through it with each oth... ...re model, and he much prefers the latter: from “the perspective of lib- eral political theory, the kind of open, participatory, transparent folk cultu... ...l citizenship as the traditionally narrower activities of engaging in direct political debate or discussion of pressing policy issues. Benkler points ... ... S. 661 (1998). 9. GNU, The Free Software Definition, http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html (last visited May 16, 2007). This definition shoul...

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