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The Curse of Kali

By: Audrey Blankenhagen

...on board with John MacGregor to direct the passengers to the waiting horse drawn carriages, which transported them to the railway station and here H... ... taking the weight of their burdens by a tumpline around their foreheads. The British women were transported in open palanquins (dandies) each one a... ...rey Blankenhagen 64 The Southern Spanish woman prided herself on her ability to look behind the public masks that people displayed to the world. Af... ...y link would, in times of drought, bring in even more revenue for the State. Its produce could be transported direct to the dry kingdoms of the weal... ... Will they give us work and put bread in our children’s mouths?’ Gavin had already organised the transport to the fort of British civilians living ... ...emplating divorce’, said Rosita, ‘because it was a matter of time before Maria’s lifestyle became public knowledge amongst the British community her...

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