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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

... 310 How Change is Corrupted Pg 316 The Effect of Reverse Pyramidality as a Social Dynamic of Accumulation Pg 318 Glorification Pg 321 The Fiv... ...tion of Wealth Pg 332 The Accumulation of Power Pg 334 The Accumulation of Social Standing Pg 334 The Accumulation of Ownership Pg 343 The Acc... ...ove, Courage and Honesty Pg 883 The Triality of the Human Condition Pg 888 Social Dynamics of Separation Pg 889 Punishment Pg 892 Choice and W... ...e not to do so. There is no human relationship, which cannot be saved if the parties involved work at that relationship using the basic human tools... ...wer of the rich countries? If the poor countries ever get a middle class and democratic governments that actually enforce policies in the interest o... ...Government has systematically undermined, sabotaged and aborted any socialist/democratic movement in poor countries who want to improve their lot; b... ...opulation. Meaning; the U.S. Government has managed to sabotage nearly every democratic free election ever held in a 3 rd world nation. The U.S. n... ...the actual truth. Then what people say can be used to find the actual guilty parties. Then the entire basis of Western Justice will change from peo... ...l industry, and is a regular contributor to both the democratic and republican parties. They are an honored member of the entire system of legalized...

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