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The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

By: Jonathan Cross

...uities. He had been born in Colombia. His father was a doctor, and his mother a Bostonian socialite. At the age of seven, his parents, afraid of the ... ...was to be the best hostess in Washington. We hardly saw each other, except when we hosted parties together. We entertained everyone from Head’s of S... ...that’s crap, you were my best partner. But enough, after five years, I know this is not a social call.” “Well, in a way it is,” he said. “What’s ... ... a very active Bishop…a respected person on the political scene in Washington. You attend parties. You hear things. General Radcliff introduced you ... ...d him and asked if he agreed with providing funds to religious groups that worked for the social needs of their community. “We are all God’s childr... ...illed in the assassination attempt.” “So, why was it not on the front pages of your free democratic press,” Kang asked slamming his fist on the tab... ...nvolved in prostitution, and may be incarcerated. We need his help in identifying certain parties.” “Hold on,” he said sighed impatiently. After a m...

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