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Empire and Wars

By: Sam Vaknin

... III. Islam and Liberalism IV. The New Rome - America, the Reluctant Empire V. The Democratic Ideal and New Colonialism VI. Add Me to the List VI... ...kets, political scams, human rights violations, technological setbacks, and rising social tensions have revealed how rotten and inherently contradi... ...ings. It is, therefore, not the USA's intrinsic nature, nor its self-perception, or social model that I find most reprehensible - but its actions, ... ...stition, prejudice, conspicuous religiosity, intolerance, philistinism, and lack of social solidarity. Its religiosity is overt, aggressive, virulen... ...fies America's (capitalistic) economy and its (liberal, pluralistic, religious and democratic) values as its competitive mainstays and founts of st... ... was, he thought, about "the future model of international order: a multipolar and democratic one, or the US strategic goal of a unipolar world." C... ...ge both Thrace and his own daughter, Theodora, whom Orhan married. Ottoman raiding parties between Gallipoli and Thrace became a common sight. The ... ... is an empty word. Granted, the hallmarks of democracy are there: candidate lists, parties, election propaganda, and voting. But its quiddity is ab... ...tural reservoir of migrant labor. It is ironic that xenophobic and anti-immigration parties hold the balance of power in a continent so dependent on...

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