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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

...a, The 87 Gaza Strip (see West Bank and Gaza Strip entry on page 276) German Democratic Republic (East Germany) 88 Germany, Federal Republic of (West ... ... 264 Western Samoa 265 Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) 266 Yemen, People's Democratic Republic of (South Yemen) 267 Yugoslavia 269 Zaire 270 Zambia ... ...l African Republic FRG Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) GDR German Democratic Republic (East Germany) PDRY People's Democratic Republic of Y... ...United Arab Emirates UK United Kingdom US United States USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union) YAR Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) ... ..., Prime Minister (since June 1981) Suffrage: universal from age 18 Political parties and leaders: the ruling People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan ... ...% industry and commerce, 38% other (1978) Government Official name: People's Socialist Republic of Albania Type: Communist state Capital: Tirane Admin... ...al elections held every four years; last elections 1 February 1987 Political parties and leaders: Albanian Workers Party only; First Secretary, Ramiz ... ...stricts); 691 communes Legal system: based on French and Is- lamic law, with socialist principles; new constitution adopted by referendum No- vember 1... ...1974; local assemblies, 30 March 1975; legisla- tive, 5 March 1982 Political parties and leaders: National Liberation Front (FLN), Secretary General C...

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