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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

...3344 Tel: (202) 373-3869 or Autovon 243-3869 Requesters in the Department of State may obtain copies from: Department of State INR/IC/CD Room 8646 New... ...he World Factbook is by the Directorate of II Central Intelligence Ag United States Governm' i 11 n n style, format, coverage, ^ designed to meet thei... ...ook, or. reo.on, for dl,ipllnory action ond moy re.ult In dl.ml.ol fron, the University. To renew call Telephone Center, 333-840O UNIVERSITY OF ILLINO... ...9 Tuvalu 250 U Uganda 251 United Arab Emirates 252 United Kingdom 253 United States 255 Uruguay 257 Vanuatu 259 Vatican City 260 Venezuela 261 Vietnam... ...ted at about 20,000-50,000 Other political or pressure groups: revi- talized university student federations at all major universities dominated by pol... ...: 108,890 km 2 ; land area: 108,430 km 2 Comparative area: about the size of Tennessee Land boundaries: 1,625 km total Coastline: 400 km Maritime clai... ...112,090 km 2 ; land area: 111,890km 2 Comparative area: slightly larger than Tennessee Land boundaries: 1,530 km total Coastline: 820 km Maritime clai... ...n (USO); the Catholic Church; busi- ness and landowning interests; Opus Dei; university students Member of:"Andean Pact (observer), ASSIMER, Council o...

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