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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

...5% ethnic Nepalese, 15% indigenous or migrant tribes Religion: 75% Lamaistic Buddhism, 25% Indian- and Nepalese-influenced Hinduism Language: Bhotes s... ... 25% Indian- and Nepalese-influenced Hinduism Language: Bhotes speak various Tibetan dialects most widely spoken dialect is Dzongkha (official); Nepal... ...Khmer (Cambo- dian), 5% Chinese, 5% other minorities Religion: 95% Theravada Buddhism, 5% other Language: Khmer (official), French Life expectancy: me... ...ve Chinese Ethnic divisions: 93.3% Han Chinese; 6.7% Zhuang, Uygur, Hui, Yi, Tibetan, Miao, Manchu, Mongol, Buyi, Korean, and numerous lesser national... ... eclectic; most important elements of religion are Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism; about 2-3% Mus- lim, 1% Christian Language: Standard Chinese (P... ...Korean(s); adjective Korean Ethnic divisions: racially homogeneous Religion: Buddhism and Confucianism; religious activities now almost nonexistent La... ...fucian tradition; vigorous Christian minority (28% of the total population); Buddhism; pervasive folk religion (Shamanism); Chondokyo (religion of the... ... Mongol, 4% Kazakh, 2% Chinese, 2% Russian, 2% other Religion: predominantly Tibetan Bud- dhist, about 4% Muslim, limited religious activity because o...

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