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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

... UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LIBRARY AT URBANACHAMPAIGN BOOKSTACKS Central Intelligence Agency The World Factbook 1987 CP/1S WF 87-001 US G... ... Factbook 1987 CP/1S WF 87-001 US Government officials should obtain copies of The World Factbook directly from their own organization or through lia... ... channels from the Central Intelligence Agency. Requesters in the Department of Defense may obtain copies from: Defense Intelligence Agency RTS-2C Was... ...dixes A. The United Nations System 278 B. International Organizations 279 C. Country Membership in International Organizations 282 D. Mathematical Con... ... Intelligence Agency, the Bureau of the Census, and the Department of State. Country abbreviations: CAR Central African Republic FRG Federal Republic ... ...ment, 11.2% commerce, 10.3% manufacturing; shortage of skilled labor and all types of technical personnel; over 14% are unem- ployed Organized labor: ... ...ative divisions: 12 regions plus Santiago metropolitan region, 41 provincial subdivisions Legal system: based on Code of 1857 derived from Spanish law... ...nes (gauges range from 0.762 to 1.067 meters) Highways: about 930,000 km all types roads; about 240,000 km unimproved natural earth roads and tracks, ... ...lic Capital: Jakarta Administrative divisions: 28 first-level administrative subdivisions or provinces, which are further subdivided into 282 second-l...

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