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The History of the Thirty Years' War in Germany

By: Friedrich Schiller

...hole of Lower Germany was already secularized; and if it were otherwise in Upper Germany, it was owing to the vehement resistance of the Catho- lics, ... ...onal act of renunciation, to release his subjects in Bohemia, Silesia, and Lusatia from their alle- giance, and he did it with a broken heart. All, ev... ...ravia was on the point of 83 Friedrich Schiller following its example. In Upper and Lower Aus- tria the spirit of liberty was awake, as it had been u... ...in- surrection. All at once, however, he appeared in a hostile attitude in Upper Hungary. Before him went terror, and devastation behind; all oppositi... ...rumour of the proceedings at Ulm could reach there, Maximilian appeared in Upper Austria, when the Estates, surprised and unprepared for an enemy, pur... ... des- patched to his assistance. An inroad of the Elec- tor of Saxony upon Lusatia, had cut off all succours from that country, and from Silesia; the ... ...f Pomerania, Mecklenburg, Luneburg, and Wirtemberg, and the free cities of Upper Germany, to whom the name of em- peror was of course a formidable one... ...aria ceased to be illegal, as soon as Ferdinand was prevailed upon to cede Lusatia to Saxony, in consideration of six millions of dollars, as the expe... ...derates, the destruction of Magdeburg, the excesses of the Imperialists in Lusatia, all combined to incense the Elector against the Emperor. The appro...

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