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Familiar Studies of Men and Books

By: Robert Louis Stevenson

...peared to me that any thinking be- ing should feel otherwise. The complete letters shed, indeed, a light on the depths to which Burns had sunk in his ... ...urt of Versailles; and the days were distinguished from each other by love-letters, meetings, tiffs, reconciliations, and expan- sions to the chosen c... ...here are no truer things said of Burns than what is to be found in his own letters. Country Don Juan as he was, he had none of that blind vanity which... ...urgh popularity was but an ovation and the affair of a day. He wrote a few letters in a high-flown, bom- bastic vein of gratitude; but in practice he ... ...he had never shared the disease. At the same time, amid the fustian of the letters there are forcible and true expressions, and the love verses that h... ...an equality of accent on the different syllables, almost as in French, the vowels as in Italian, but the consonants in the English manner – except the...

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