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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

...; Syndic Fran- cesc CERQUEDA Pasquet (since 1982); Subsyndic Antoni GARRALLA Rossell (since 1986); head of government Josep PINTAT Solans (Chief Execu... ... Court Government leaders: Viscount DUNROS- SIL, Governor (since 1983); John William David SWAN, Premier (since 1982) Suffrage: universal adult over a... ...en- ter for Social Democrats (CDS), Pierre Mehaignerie; Radical (RAD), Andre Rossi- not; left opposition Socialist Party (PS), Lionel Jospin; Left Rad... ...ly responsible for the island's good government Government leaders: Adm. Sir William PILLAR, Lieutenant Governor and Com- mander in Chief (since 1985)... ...itorial sea: 12 nm Boundary disputes: none; territorial claim in Antarctica (Ross Dependency) Climate: temperate with sharp regional contrasts Terrain... ...emocratic, David Owen; Communist, Gordon McLennan; Scottish National, Donald Stewart; Plaid Cymru, Dafydd Wigley; Official Unionist, James Molyneaux; ...

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