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The Future of the Internet : And How to Stop It

By: Jonathan Zittrain

...ge intentionally left blank The Future of the Internet And How to Stop It Jonathan Zittrain Yale University Press New Haven & London A Caravan boo... ...ok. For more information, visit www.caravanbooks.org. The cover was designed by Ivo van der Ent, based on his winning entry of an open competition at ... ... winning entry of an open competition at www.worth1000.com. Copyright © 2008 by Jonathan Zittrain. All rights reserved. Subject to the exception immed... ...e proprietary, non-generative competitors, such as the makers of stand-alone word processors and proprietary online services like CompuServe and AOL. ... ...er to do mail merges about as easily as one can do them today with Microsoft Word or its rivals. 6 Information appliances were substantially cheaper a... ...m of telephone conversations. A group of hackers discovered that a tone at a frequency of 2,600 hertz sent over a telephone line did not reach the oth... ...eal could, when one hole was covered, generate a shrill tone at exactly that frequency. 29 People in the know could then dial toll-free numbers from t... ...es facilitates the technology’s deployment in unanticipated ways. T able 4.1 lists examples of generative tools. For comparison, the table also includ... .... L. R. 1699 (2006). 96. For example, dodgeball.com combines online friend lists and cell-phone text messag- ing to allow users to advertise their w...

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