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Facts and Fictions in the Securities Industry

By: Sam Vaknin

... World in Conflict and Transition http://samvak.tripod.com/guide.html Created by: LIDIJA RANGELOVSKA REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA C O N T E N T S ... ...lization often stands in inverse proportion to its value and valuation (as measured by an objective, neutral, disinterested party). This is true esp... ...ied to the firms' market capitalization, management strives to maximize the former by manipulating the latter. Very often, the only way to affect t... ...nting system; • Budgeting and budget monitoring and controls; • Internal audits (frequency and procedures); • External audits (frequency and pro... ...andom, though somehow related to the aforementioned "value" of the share. In other words, the price of a security is supposed to converge with its ... ...e of return, or a yield - known as the earnings yield. The original meaning of the word "yield" - income realized by an investor - was undermined b... ...ed using limit orders relative to market orders." Transparent short sales, in other words, increase the volatility of shorted stocks. Studies of th... ...el of skewness and coskewness of returns, probability of a crash occurring, or the frequency of crashes, when short-selling is possible and when it... ...litics ("World in Conflict and Transition"). Owner of the Narcissistic Abuse Study Lists and the Abusive Relationships Newsletter (more than 6,000 ...

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