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Hesiod the Homeric Hymns and Homerica

By: Hugh G. Evelyn White

...d that the ‘issue of death should overtake him in the fair grove of Nemean Zeus.’ Avoiding therefore Nemea on the Isthmus of Corinth, to which he sup... ...ons of a cer- tain Phegeus. This place, however, was also sacred to Nemean Zeus, and the poet, suspected by his hosts of having seduced their sister (... ...f Iapetus (ll. 507-616) whose place is accounted for by their treatment by Zeus. The chief landmarks in the poem are as follows: after the first 103 l... ... by one of his children, swallows each one of them as they are born, until Zeus, saved by Rhea, grows up and overcomes Cronos in some struggle which i... ...Cronos is forced to vomit up the children he had swallowed, and these with Zeus divide the universe between them, like 16 Hesiod, The Homeric Hymns, ... ...ric Hymns, and Homerica a human estate. Two events mark the early reign of Zeus, the war with the Titans and the overthrow of T yphoeus, and as Zeus i... ...s is still reigning the poet can only go on to give a list of gods born to Zeus by various goddesses. After this he formally bids farewell to the cosm... ... War. The Cypria be- gins with the first causes of the war, the purpose of Zeus to relieve the overburdened earth, the apple of discord, the rape of H... ...t Eleusis, and her vengeance on gods and men by causing famine. In the end Zeus is forced to bring Persephone back from the lower world; but the godde...

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