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The Vatican Conspiracy

By: Jonathan Cross

...nio," Gallucci said, disbelieving his own ears." "Pope Francis respects all religions." 209 J.Cross/Artemis "Aah," Gallucci grumbled. "Don't... ...16 J.Cross/Artemis Antonio responded, "Heaven does not distinguish between religions, it only distinguishes good from evil." "What if the Yakuz... ...is destiny. His hate for the Americans and the Israelis had not only become a religion for him, but a commitment to death. His attacks on their milit... ...d four glasses. "You have your choice, white or red," Gonzales beamed. "My religion forbids me from drinking." 276 J.Cross/Artemis "Of cour... ...d of the young man. Salim had an incessant desire to read books about all the religions in the world. “Why do you read all these books? I thought y... ...at have you discovered in these books?” Hakeem asked. “I have found that all religions are the same, and none provide me with an answer,” he said, ... ...ule's mind traveled over his past. As a young man, he was raised to honor all religions, and all people. His father had taught him to respect those w...

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